Performing a Test

SacchAAr with beaker 75

After filtering, the sample is poured into a test vial and this is placed onto the rotator. The remaining (control) sample is pumped into the polarimeter by pressing 'start' on the keyboard; this initiates the test procedure and activates the pump which fills the polarimeter cell.

If a purity reading is required, a small amount of sample must also be placed in the refractometer cell at this point.

When stable, the polarimeter will measure the control sample and input the brix value from the refractometer before asking for the test solution.

SacchAAr with vial 75

The rotator will beep when the 7 minute mixing cycle is complete.

This sample is then pumped into the polarimeter which will display all the results on one screen; they can also be printed for recording purposes.

The instrument automatically displays the dextran concentration and provides a corrected polarimeter reading.

SacchAAr with shot 75

This figure shows the keyboard and display panel of the SacchAAr 880D and illustrates the results obtained after performing a dextran test.

N.B. No purity test was performed in this example.