Sample Preparation

Sugar solutions are usually clarified by the addition of a hazardous lead acetate solution.

The lead removes the colour, but also removes a large percentage of the dextran. As a Near Infrared (NIR) polarimeter, the SacchAAr 880D can easily read highly coloured solutions. Consequently, the requirement for lead is redundant.

Optical Activity has devoted a large amount of research to finding an alternative clarification and filtration aid. We can now offer a specialised grade of diatomaceous earth and a custom made pressure filter which, coupled together, reduce sample preparation to a simple procedure taking less than 1 minute to perform.

To prepare the sample, the user must first filter approximately 250 ml of cane juice or sugar solution through the pressure filter.

The pressure filter comprises a mesh onto which a standard filter paper is fitted. The unit is then assembled and the supplied filter aid is mixed with the solution in the ratio 2g / 100ml of solution.

The mixed solution is poured into the pressure filter which is then connected to a source of pressurised air (a bicycle pump is sufficient).

It takes the sample less than a minute to pass through the device.

Fig 1 Base Position
Fig 7 with funnel and beaker
Fig 8 pump connected