SacchAAr 880D Series 3

Dual wavelength polarimeter (589nm and 880nm) with unique 'Dextran Mode' software.


Printer (optional)

We can supply both 80 column dot-matrix and 24 column thermal printers. Both feature a serial interface.


Thermocirculator for high precision temperature control.

The SacchAAr 880D has a temperature sensor, but for the very best results, a high accuracy thermocirculator is recommended Optical Activity can supply the best at reasonable cost


RPD-2 rotator and pump for agitating the sample during the 7 minute incubation time and for filling and emptying the polarimeter cell between tests. Both pieces of technology are essential to ensuring the repeatability, reproducibility and accuracy of your results.

The pump is automatically controlled by the SacchAAr 880D with little user intervention required; the rotator is set for the optimum time of 7 minutes.

TCR New Colour

Index Instruments Refractometer

(optional) for standard purity measurements. Also allows results to be displayed as dextran on brix. This model, the TCR 15-30, features automatic temperature control by Peltier Cell and can be used as a stand-alone refractometer


PF 750 Pressure Filter Device for reducing sample preparation to less than a minute, ensuring minimal sample evaporation and no dextran removal.

The consumables consist of the filtration media (paper and filter aid) and the individual test vials, which are available as an enzyme impregnated paper strip inside a custom made bottle (one bottle per test).

Upgrades to existing OA polarimeters can be offered if the instrument is one of the following: SacchAAr 880 3 Series (no other SacchAAr models are suitable) PolAAr 3000 PolAAr 3001 PolAAr 3002 PolAAr 3005