Low Cost Polarimeters

AA-65 Series

Low Cost Polarimeters
3 low cost modelsfully automaticversatile modelssimple operationwith easy maintenance



The new AA-65 is a versatile polarimeter suitable for measuring the optical rotations of many different types of samples from sugars to pharmaceutical products. The polarimeter is extremely easy to use and has a touchscreen digital display presenting on-screen data in full colour.

The AA65 is available in 3 versions:

  • Single scale angular giving optical rotation in angular degrees
  • Sugar Industry model giving rotation in sugar degrees (ºZ) calibrated in International Sugar Scale (I.S.S.) in accordance with current I.C.U.M.S.A. recommendations. This model also offers temperature corrected sugar scale and includes 26g, 13g and 6.5g scales. Results can also be displayed in angular degrees.
  • Analytical Model offering angular degrees and specific rotation and concentration scales, along with the option to enter a scaling factor to simulate any scale required by the user.

The working wavelength of 589.44nm is determined by means of a factory fitted optical interference filter. The model type - angular scale (A65), sugar industry Z65 or analytical model (MA65) - is printed on the instrument label inside the sample compartment.

The AA-65 has a USB output for connection to a PC and a RS232 serial output for connection to suitable printers or other devices. Optionally, a wireless connection may be purchased for wireless communication with a computer

The AA-65 is normally supplied complete and ready to use with one stainless steel sample tube, handbook, dust cover, USB lead and Data Acquisition software for a PC. Up to 1024 readings are automatically stored by the AA-65 every time the PRINT key is touched (even when a printer is not connected). The user can view this data on the display or print it out when required.

The sample compartment has a removable temperature sensor. Optionally, you can purchase a 'dip-in' temperature sensor for use with A1 and G7 single sample tubes, or, for flow type tubes, an end cap with temperature sensor fitted. These optional temperature sensors are available to provide much faster and more accurate measurement of the actual sample temperature.


  • 3 models available
  • Compact, versatile and affordable
  • Simple operation, easy maintenance
  • Rapid, stable readings
  • ± 0.02 angular degrees accuracy
  • Touch screen full colour display with multiple displayed data including temperature and user access protection
  • Temperature probe in the sample compartment optional 'dip-in' or 'fitted' sample tube probe
  • USB output socket
  • Analytical version providing tube length, specific rotation and concentration etc
  • Archive storing up to 1024 readings
  • Warning if the sample is too dark to measure
  • UKAS certificate available - traceable accuracy
  • IQ/OQ documentation available