interchangeable filling inlet/outletsused in all types of polarimetersaccurate temperature with no thermocirculator



ThermoTube is an Innovative polarimeter tube system that incorporates the use of Peltier Cells that provide highly accurate sample temperatures without the need for an external thermocirculator.

Although primarily designed to heat and cool samples to the most commonly used temperatures of 20ºC to 25ºC using Peltier Cell technology, the ThermoTube has the capability to heat test samples to temperatures in excess of 25ºC if required for a particular measurement.

The temperature gradient along the length of the 200 mm ThermoTube is minimal, the time to reach temperature stability taking less than 1 minute if say, cooling a sample from 25ºC down to 20ºC. There are 3 filling options available as the ThermoTube provides common fittings for either filling the sample tube by a syringe, funnel or flow-through by a pump.

A ThermoTube can be installed in any of our polarimeters, either at manufacture or retro-fitted to any existing model. Only minor changes would be necessary to the polarimeter sample tube mounting system and the sample compartment cover in-situ.

The ThermoTube has a free standing Control Unit with its own power supply and therefore several ThermoTubes can be connected and controlled from a single Control Unit. The Controller supplies power to a fan and Peltier Cells, displays the set temperature and the actual sample temperature, outputs the temperature to a printer or computer if required and when used with a more basic polarimeter, can act as an interface to external devices, adding temperature to the output reading when the sample being tested is stable.

Temperature is programmed and set using a hand held infrared remote control unit, with the Peltier Cells providing fast, reliable temperatures as they control the whole tube length, not the tube carriage or holder.

The ThermoTube replaces the older thermocirculator method of temperature control, taking away the need for water pipes, valuable bench space, high maintenance, separate thermometers and jacketed tubes, therefore providing an overall lower cost and maintenance free combination.

All ThermoTubes have internationally standard 30 mm diameter support collars, clearance required below the collars is 2 mm x 12 mm wide.

Suitable for use in any Optical Activity polarimeter with the adapter kit. (Other manufacturers' polarimeters - contact us for assistance).

To order a ThermoTube please refer to the specification page.


  • Accurate temperature control without a thermocirculator
  • Interchangeable filling inlet/outlets
  • 200 mm and 100 mm pathlengths
  • 8 mm and 4 mm diameter bore sizes
  • Can be used in all our polarimeters